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Cambridge National Certificate in Science: Units R071 and R072

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  • 4 Nov 2013

This 156-page book covers the learning outcomes and associated content specified for units R071 and R072 of the Cambridge National Certificate in Science. It is available as a PDF, from which you can make multiple copies. It has two sections:
(1) Unit R071: How scientific ideas have an impact on our lives: Nine sections, each corresponding to one of the nine learning outcomes, providing a sound foundation upon which students can build their portfolio. There are questions throughout so students can check their understanding and, at the end of each section, there is a summary, key points and checklist.
(2) Unit R072: How scientific ideas have developed: Four sections, one for each of the four contexts (How the variety of life on Earth has developed, How the internal environment of the human body is controlled, The history of the Earth and the Universe, and Using waves to communicate). As with unit R071, there are questions, summaries, key points and checklists throughout.

You can preview the resource here: http://tinyurl.com/p2srr38

We can also supply paperback student books (minimum order of 10), and a spiral bound master copy of the resource, on request. Please contact Mark at fissh.net for details.